Are You In Pain?

• Is your performance at work and play declining?
• Do you find that you are not as physically fit as you used to be or would like to be?
• Are you slower to recover from athletic injuries?
• Are you chronically overusing your body?
• Are you sedentary for long periods of time?
• If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, your structural alignment (posture) is compensated and needs personalized care.


In her Back to Balance practice, Carrie offers a unique approach to wellness. The process she uses, Muscle Balance and Function Development®, is an individualized, total body method of postural realignment. The exercise routines she designs “remind” your muscles of their proper functions, thus correcting your body’s compensations and bringing you relief.

How She Does It

First, Carrie will review your current posture and assess your alignment. Next, she will create and lead you through a personalized exercise program, providing you with a written copy and access to videos. From there, you will be able to safely and effectively perform your program on your own in just 20-30 minutes per day. Then, in about two weeks, she’ll reassess your alignment and design a new program.

How To Get Started

Call Carrie at 775-225-4499 to schedule your appointment or to receive more information.

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